David Clark
Publisher: Frightening Future Publishing
Pages: 195

Edward moved back home looking for peace, but found a town overrun by Demons and Ghosts, and worse yet... it's his fault!All Edward Meyer wanted was a quiet place to start over with his two kids after the tragic death of his wife. What he found was his old hometown overrun by ghosts and demons, and a centuries old family secret that made it both his fault and responsibility to restore the peace. A responsibility that his parents should have handed down, but a mysterious entity murdered them when he was only seven. In his family’s absence, a few town elders attempted to fill the void, but they lacked the training and abilities Edward had. With the help of two old family friends, he rediscovered who he was, and who his family was. But not all secrets should be revealed. Some expose dark truths that might be too much for Edward to handle.The Ghost of Miller's Crossing is the second book in ...
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4.5 stars from 203 ratings
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