Tyler Hanson
Publisher: Two Doctors Media Collaborative LLC
Pages: 217

If you want to survive, there are three rules.Limit who you trust. Always be prepared. Maintain your identity.Welcome to the Faction.Victims. Survivors. Fighters. Monstrous conspiracies threaten to destroy the world, and five unlikely allies must unite to save the planet. Was the World Trade Center an inside job? Who really killed Princess Diana? Using their ill-gotten superpowers, our heroes must unravel cryptic questions, discovering answers you might not expect. If they fail, the creatures stalking them will finally win their hidden war.Find a quiet space for transport, open Personnel: Dossier Feldgrau, and join the resistance. Your enemies are already watching you. Read Book I today.The Faction series is set in a timeline not too unlike our own, where conspiracies are connected by sinister means. Five outcasts travel through an altered history as they learn their limits. What are ...
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