Roosh P
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 236

The latest in the 'Bang' series.The definitive guide to Hong Kong for the 21st century jet-set bachelor. It includes...An extensive introduction to the SAR, including important section on business, culture, and the area's recent historyValuable game specific information from business cards to blagging, from language skills to logisticsA complete demographic lowdown, including both girls and guys, with special sections on expats and mainland touristsThree separate sections focusing on Day Game, Night Game and Phone GameA wealth of useful resources to make you an instant expert, including HK specific apps, reading recommendations and documentaries to watchBang Hong Kong goes into explicit detail on the most important aspects of game...Day game looks at the very best shopping malls, but also a wealth of other important locations, from art galleries to bowling alleys, from afternoon tea ...
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