Angela Pepper
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 318

What goes around comes around, so be careful who you bite.It's September, which is a rainy month in Wisteria, and a storm is brewing.When a magic mechanic takes The Big Nap in a comfy chair at the library, suspicion turns to the local librarian witch. What has Zara Riddle done now? Poisoned the guy for talking too loud? She shrugs off the accusations, as usual, and tries to help with the investigation, also as usual.But this time around, the local vampire detective isn't swinging by Zara's house to take her along for the ride. He may be Zara's boyfriend after hours, but when it comes to solving crimes, he has a new partner. For Zara, dealing with "that girl" is like getting turned into a cat, then being petted backward, from tail to nose. It's just wrong!Worst of all, the town's new ghost is becoming an international celebrity, attracting outsiders and media attention.Once the library ...
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