Aaron Hodges
Publisher: The National Library of New Zealand
Pages: 340

When Knights attack the town of Skystead, seventeen-year-old Pela is the only one to escape. Her mother and the other villagers are taken, accused of worshiping the False Gods. They will pay the ultimate price – unless Pela can rescue them. Pela has never left the safety of her town, let alone touched a sword. What chance does she have against the ruthless Knights of Alana? She’s not a hero.But she knows one.Her uncle Devon was a mighty warrior once, in times when magic filled the world. Age has withered his strength and he retired long ago, but maybe he will answer the call of family. Can Pela convince him to stand against the darkness one last time?A thrilling epic fantasy from the breathtaking world of NYTimes Bestselling Author Aaron Hodges
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4.5 stars from 77 ratings
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