Crystal Estell
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 243

"THE PROPOSAL meets BRIDGET JONES' BABY in this guaranteed to make you laugh romantic comedy!"Lacey Winters had a perfectly plotted life.Then, she had the most toe-curling dream ever—only it wasn’t a dream. And the blurred image of the charming guy she once considered a figment of her imagination, just became the poster boy of her worst nightmare when she finds herself pregnant with no clue who the mystery man is.The reason for her foggy memory? A rare case of transient amnesia brought on by… well… she’d rather not say.Nonetheless, her boss isn’t having it. Terrified of unemployment and with her ten-year plan up in smoke, Lacey does what any woman with more brains than curves would do. She announces her co-worker Zak Cooper is her fake husband, then begs him to play along—just until the private investigator can give her answers. A set of unforeseen circumstances.Fake ...
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