Madame de Boudoir, Laura Lovely
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 32

What's your fantasy? One that you never told anyone?" he asks.Kevin and I have had five dates--and hooked up twice. He is big-hearted and big-boned, with a slightly ragged haircut and a laugh that reminds me of the luckdragon in The Neverending Story. I like him so much, even though he's a total dweeb.I stare at the dirty text for one minute. Then two.My fantasy? I take a swig of wine. Should I cop out? Make a joke about a naughty nurse? Or do I risk being completely honest...If I tell him the truth, I think he would make it good.I know he'll make it good. I take a deep breath--I'm all in.I text back, "Have you seen the movie Splash?"--SPLASH ME is the first book in Fairytale Remixes, a series of short, hot-n-humorous romance standalones, inspired by fairytales, mythology and pop culture.
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