Susan Warner
Publisher: EG Publishing
Pages: 160

Opposites don’t always attract. Sometimes they clash and spark fire.Lonely orphan turned highly sought after corporate trainer,Kelly Thompson, is ready for a change of pace in the small town of Sweet Blooms. Joshua Case, the haunted high school counselor who survived,is ready to take on a new project to help the teens in Sweet Blooms.When Joshua and Kelly find themselves working on the same project, they’ll have to find a way to put their difference aside and work together. In so doing will they learn to trust together, and love together?This sweet story is a delicious clash of personalities who are striving for a good cause. You’re certain to be swept away and having Sweet Dreams in no time!Get your copy today! Love Happens Series#1 Sweet Attraction #2 Sweet Beginnings #3 Sweet Compromise#4 Sweet Dreams#5 Sweet Engagement #6 Sweet Favors#7 Sweet Gamble#8 Sweet Healing#9 Sweet ...
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