Alexi Venice
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 469

Conscious Bias, A Monica Spade NovelA legal thriller that explores visceral bias, cultural alliances, and the power of love in Apple Grove, Wisconsin.The crime-A month ago, in a drunken stupor, Trevor McKnight—son of the prominent McKnight family—punched Abdul Seif in the face at a college bar and left him unconscious on the sidewalk. Even though Abdul was rushed to the hospital, he died a few days later. Now, Trevor is on trial for the felony murder of Abdul, a Saudi foreign exchange student.The client-Monica Spade is a rising star among lawyers in her small city of Apple Grove. When the president of the hospital asks Monica to prepare high-profile physicians to testify at Trevor’s trial, she eagerly agrees, thinking their heroic attempts to save Abdul’s life will be straightforward testimony. The defense-Trevor’s slick defense lawyer deploys a number of deceptive tools to ...
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