Cristina Grenier
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 246

Roxanne Baxer can hardly remember a time when she hadn't had to care for her ailing son. As both his mother and his nurse, her life is consumed with the struggle of keeping him alive. When a new cancer specialist arrives at Holy Trinity Memorial hospital, however, Lionel's prospects are vastly improved. Ben Holland is the best of the best - a pioneer in his field. Roxy's also never met a man she was more immediately drawn to. Can his talents help her son live to see Christmas? And can his charms help her rediscover the passion she's so long neglected? Doctor Ben Holland transferred from Seattle to sweltering Atlanta Georgia to escape the demons of his past. After a particularly difficult childhood, a more recent loss still consumes him - and he throws himself into his job, letting recovery statistics make up for the emptiness in his heart. When he encounters Roxy and her deathly ill ...
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