Celia Kinsey
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 220

When Emma Iverson's great aunt Geraldine leaves her a rundown roadside attraction in rural New Mexico, the inheritance comes with strings attached.If Emma wants to take possession of Little Tombstone's motel, cafe, curio shop and Museum of the Unexplained, then she has to agree to "Love, Honor and Cherish" Earp, her late aunt's ancient and irritable pug. It says so, right there in the will.What Aunt Geraldine's will conveniently omits to mention are the bodies buried underneath the trailer court.Note: The book was sold briefly under the title Upon my Death.About the Little Tombstone Cozy Mysteries:These quirky, light-hearted cozies are set in rural New Mexico and feature a collection of endearing residents from the village of Amatista and its main attraction, a dilapidated roadside tourist stop called Little Tombstone.Little Tombstone is a truncated version of its namesake ...
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