Nicole Grotepas
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 111

Someone is always watching.Samuel Ramone’s life changed forever when the feeds went live. Every moment of his existence was recorded, and chopped into a reality TV broadcast on the feeds. Editors made it into something glamorous and interesting. He wasn’t a superstar, but they wanted him to feel like one.Did he dare to touch his wife? Argue with her? Who saw those moments? Everyone. Which is why everything stopped.Can one man turn the tide?Imagine it: an end to murder. Exploitation. Crimes against the weak. Can Ramone make a decision which takes that away? He's the one man who could do it. He’s ready to act, until he comes face to face with the dark side of the feeds.If Ramone can't hide, he’ll be silenced. And stopping Ramone will mean destroying humanity’s last chance to end the feeds.Act normal. You’re being watched . . . by the entire country. If you want out, you’ll ...
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