Barbara Bard
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 623

She has to lie about her identity, otherwise, her life is over...Fate has brought Sarah to the hands of a cruel man, and she must find a way to escape.Her only chance arises when she joins her betrothed to the front line. But what she finds in the woods near the battleground, will become the biggest battle for her.Will she be able to put aside her fear to help one in need?Drew, brother of the Laird of the McCall clan, cannot stand the injustice of the English. He won’t be blinded by a bonnie Sassenach lass, like his brother Blair did. Blair has brought a spy in the clan, and Drew must find a way to make him see reason before it’s too late. However, when he finds himself in a difficult position, he has to let himself in the care of a bonnie lass wandering alone in the woods. Will he be able to put his distrust aside once he learns her identity?With the constant threat of war, will they ...
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