A.M. Hargrove
Publisher: UAN Publishing
Pages: 394

My cousin--who was like my brother--was going to kill me when he found out I slept with his best friend!Evan Thomas.The name alone made me swoon.Imagine the chaos that sleeping with him created.Of all people, why him? First, he's my cousin's best friend…the cousin who had threatened to murder us both if we ever hooked up. He’s also the one I'd crushed on since I wore braces and pig tails. If that wasn’t bad enough, I was a blank slate about the night we shared, thanks to Mr. Tequila. One passion-filled night with the man of my childhood dreams, wasted...or rather I'd gotten wasted. So what happened next?He carried out the most fabulous walk of shame and what a sight he was, sexy smirk and all.That had been the proper thing to do, right? Especially since Evan was enamored with that drunken rowdy side of me and decided we belonged together. But hot and sexy needed to get it through his ...
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