Aurora Morris
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 121

“I Wish Someone Had Taught Me THAT When I Was A Teen!” Here’s How You Can Face All The Challenges Of Raising A Girl In Our Modern Society With Confidence! Being a parent is a full-time job and it comes with its happy moments and its obstacles. The same goes for being a teenage girl in the social media era. It’s up to you to establish a relationship with your daughter that will allow you both to work together, overcome the obstacles and enjoy even more happy moments! Dear Mom & Dad, It’s OK If You Don’t Know How To Deal With Your Teenage Daughter – It’s NOT OK If You Don’t Want To Learn How To Do It. By the end of this eye-opening guide on how to raise a girl for parents and guardians, you will be able to: ENCOURAGE your girl’s curiosity HELP her avoid bullying IMPROVE her social skills And That’s Not All! Written by Aurora Morris, a child development expert ...
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