Pedro León
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 308

During the primordial stages of human society, law enforcement could be summed up by saying: “I carry a big stick, so you do what I say.” As time went on, it evolved into: “I am in charge of people who carry big sticks, so you do what I say.” This story, however, deals with a society where the mentality of law enforcement has become: “We have big sticks, keep walking now.”Scry has just joined the Inquirae, which admittedly could use a big stick or two. What it has, however, is low pay, inefficient equipment and contempt from the City Watch’s other three branches.With a dangerous criminal on the loose and big sticks outmatched, the Inquirae gets to reluctantly join the hunt. It might take intrusive bureaucracy, dark magic and unusual witnesses, but nobody ever said detective work has to take itself seriously.
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