David F. Berens, Cherie Mitchell
Publisher: Tropical Thrillers Press
Pages: 62

What started out as a Funeral Services degree has turned into something she never expected...Prosperity Spartanburg was like any other girl. Any other girl who formerly worked as a cocktail waitress at Tail Spinners strip club, found a dead body in an AirBnB while working there as a maid, and who dropped out of her funeral services degree to return months later and find her spot taken by another student.What's a girl to do? Switch to forensic pathology and find that she has a real talent for learning the secrets of the dead.Prosperity just can't catch a break until her new degree changes everything. Read all about it in the prequel to the hit Prosperity Spartanburg Files series. You'll fall in love with Prosperity, you'll wonder how she solves all those crimes, and then you'll hope to hell she survives for another adventure.If you love Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton, and J.D. Robb, you'll ...
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4 stars from 18 ratings
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