Tom Hoffman
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 333

2020 Readers' Favorite Int'l Book Awards Bronze Medal YA Adventure "...easily the best book I've read so far this year." -Jack Magnus, Readers' FavoriteA ghostly forest appears in Odo Whitley's bedroom the same day he and Sephie Crumb witness the time twisting arrival of a furry extradimensional traveler. Odo and Sephie befriend Silas, the victim of a cruel bully, a frightened boy who possesses a remarkable and sometimes terrifying gift. With help from the ghostly Lady in Black, Watson the Cat, irksome Mike the Mechanic, and the very peculiar Bakis Merriweather, Odo, Sephie, and Silas must travel to the distant worlds of Palusia and Emerus in search of an eccentric inventor who vanished in 1921.
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