Rachel Meyers
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 127

Katie McKenzie has made a career out of hiding backstage as production assistant to an award-winning theater director. She loves her work and the transitory nature of the theater-world enables her to avoid getting her heart broken. When her childhood best friend demands she be bridesmaid at her opulent, extravagant wedding Katie’s only solution is to bring part of her new life with her to act as a buffer against the old - her friend turned fake-boyfriend, Wes.A scandal ruined Wes Dalton’s first shot at success, but now he’s two years sober and has funneled his passion for acting into the theater, finding fulfilment in his work. He knows why he keeps relationships at a distance, but what’s Katie’s excuse? When she offers him a deal - come with her to her high-school best friend’s wedding and she’ll tutor him for an upcoming Shakespeare role - he jumps at the chance to peek ...
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