Bee Brooks
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 189

He pays her to work - can she clean up his act?Will has to visit his new hotel in snowy Maine. Unwilling to go, he'll keep it quick to dodge what's waiting: freezing weather, his matchmaking mother, and demons from the past.Amy needs money for rent. She's used to cleaning up after others, so the housekeeping job at a brand-new luxury hotel sounds fabulous. Christmas will be far from home, but at least it'll give her a break from her brothers.When a nor’eastern strands Will and Amy in his hotel, their employer-employee relationship is tested – and fails to stay professional. But protective brothers, interested townsfolk, and a matriarch magnate with no intention of letting her ranks be polluted soon try to separate the billionaire and his maid.If you love snowy fields, starry eyes, and witty banter, don’t miss this charming romance! Clean, wholesome, and inspirational, the heartwarming ...
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