Amy Boyles
Pages: 188

Escape to Witch’s Forge, a magical town tucked deep in the heart of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains.Only Witch’s Forge isn’t a supernatural paradise—here spells backfire, kudzu bites and magic is broken. That is, until Charming Calhoun arrives. Charming has everything a Southern Belle could ask for—a thriving matchmaking business and great employees. But when one of her employees goes missing in Witch’s Forge, she quickly realizes there’s something sinister afoot. Once she arrives, Charming discovers a world of strange. Her house has a mind of its own—adding rooms and coughing up objects. There’s also a broomstick that likes to spank and a pot-bellied pig with an appetite for chocolate.Then she butts heads with the local vampire chief of police. What? A handsome vampire cop in a town full of witches? Vampires and witches are mortal enemies. But Charming better stay on ...
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