Jonathan Maas
Publisher: Cynical Optimist Press
Pages: 210

She became pregnant as a teenager ...And now she's alone ...With seven children who aren't quite human ...And that's when her problems really begin./***/ From the Editor:When I first heard that Jonathan Maas was writing a paranormal teen pregnancy saga, I was quite surprised. I’ve read his tales of mythology and philosophy, and his apocalyptic horror ‘Flare’ left me so shaken that I couldn’t sleep for a week.But a paranormal teen pregnancy saga? That’s a new one for him.Fortunately, like his other works, this short novel is a page-turner, and I read it in one sitting.This tale is different from most. The main character of ‘The Litter’ is a strong female lead – albeit a friendless one – and her last year of high school turns out to be quite difficult. She becomes pregnant, with seven children who she soon finds out aren’t quite human.And that’s only the beginning of ...
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