Stephanie Hoffman McManus
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 201

The battle between light and dark is about to spill over into the city of New Orleans. Two sides search for a powerful weapon that could tip the balance.After the gods defeated the titans, it was prophesied that another war would come. One that could mean the end of not only Olympus, but the mortal world as well.Lana Cormier has never quite fit in her world. Found wandering the streets of New Orleans as a small child with no memories, her past is a mystery. Until one night she steps into the wrong alley and stumbles upon a world that belongs to myth and legend. One that may be the key to who she is and where she comes from.One thing is certain; the two strangers she encounters in that alley don’t feel human. They radiate something dark, powerful, and terrifying. If what they claim is true, they’re something else entirely. And so is she. Now, she’s about to become a pawn in their ...
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