A.G. Geir
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 67

Jaida is a reluctant vampyr warrior, chained to an oath sworn generations before her birth. Weary and resentful, she tires of battle and yearns for her own autonomy. When she is ordered to eradicate a chapter of the Chosen - a religious cult waging genocide against the vampyr race - she is determined to make this mission her last and take control of her own destiny.Marc Baker lives a simple life. When his dark good looks and delicious pound cake set Jaida’s heart aflutter, she abandons her mission and throws herself – heart, soul, and appetite – into a relationship with the humble mortal. He offers security and normalcy, concepts with which Jaida is unfamiliar but desperately craves.Hiding her vampyr identity from Marc, Jaida dares to consider a future with the winsome baker, if she can find a way out of her oath. Yet, when Marc and Jaida discover each other’s secrets, the ...
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