Rachel Jonas
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 306

***Now a complete series!***Seriously? Four dragon warriors need to stalk my every move? I get it. They think I’m dangerous, but I’m only on their island to learn. Not to destroy it. This is another unfortunate side-effect of being the freak who descended from all three supernatural lineages. The bloodthirsty dragons, the destructive wolves, and the disloyal witches. Some believe that, when I transition in a few months, there’s a slight, teeny tiny chance I could unleash hell on the supernatural world. Call me crazy, but I’d know if I harbored that kind of power inside me. … Wouldn’t I? My entire life, all I’ve wanted was to be normal. Hence the reason I didn’t think twice about trading in my crown for a stack of books. I’ve got three terms on this island to prove the naysayers wrong, including my chaperones—Kai, Ori, Paulo, and Rayen. These four are gorgeous, but ...
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4.5 stars from 325 ratings
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5 stars from 1 rating