Jeremy C Bradley-Silverio Donato
Publisher: Eiffel Tower Press
Pages: 163

2019 Wishing Shelf Book Award Finalist"A fraught love story between white London lawyer Austin and noncommittal Noah--a Muslim man dealing with personal and family issues--gets more complicated with each page. When drugs, HIV and stigma enter the relationship, so does tragedy." - POZ Magazine An award-winning debut novel for fans of Andre Aciman, Philippe Besson, and Alan Hollinghurst.Career-driven, sometimes cynical Austin meets Noah, a Muslim man from the other side of town. One man wants it to work. The other doesn’t know what he wants, except to find the next high. Set in the months before and after a 30-something discovers that his partner has infected him with HIV, this book explores the inexplicable feelings that accompany the disintegration of relationships and the connections between cultural memory and identity. My Memory Told Me a Secret is about the power of choice and the ...
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