Olivia Myers
Publisher: Soft Kiss Books
Pages: 98

After meeting his doctor, the dragon shifter's blood pressure wasn't the only thing elevatedDrake’s life has been fraught with danger ever since his family was butchered. When he wakes in a human hospital after being stabbed, he’s shocked to find that his fated mate is none other than the drop dead sexy doctor.Isaac doesn’t understand what draws him to the large-muscled, dark-haired man in the hospital bed, but there is no denying the chemistry between them. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get much time to explore that attraction before the large patient scoops him up in his arms, turns into a dragon, and flies the two of them away from the hospital.Drake is used to laying down the law and having people do his bidding. Yet danger is a lot closer than he’d imagined. He’ll have to flip his life around if he wants to keeping getting hands on medical examinations.
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3.5 stars from 15 ratings
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