Amelia Wilson
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 94

What would you do if you found out that dragons are real? And that you have been in love with one for centuries?Abby doesn’t quite get life. She is a shy wallflower, but her life is about to take a wild turn as she meets two incredibly hot brothers Ty and Luc; with a huge secret that will transform her quiet little world into a real-life fairytale. But the more Abby learns about them, the more she realizes her fate is directly tied to theirs. Will she be able to keep her heart despite Luc trying to win her over again? Or will Ty finally get the chance he has been waiting for? Claimed by the Dragon Prince is a fast paced dragon romance that will keep you spellbound to the pages as Abby uncovers the dark secrets and the truth about who she really is.Publisher's Note: Claimed by the Dragon Prince is a stand-alone book in the The Fate of the Dragons Series. HEA guaranteed.
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