Terry Connolly
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 171

Those who will someday take humanity to the stars and secure our future will be ordinary people who in their day to day work find themselves doing extraordinary things. Human beings in our infinite variety also have among us people who like to control, and it is these people who have the potential to lift us up to the stars or stand in our way. John Peeters is an assistant project manager. When the biggest project of his career comes along, a project that will take rest of his life, he does what anyone else would do; the best he can. When politics and revenge begin to get in the way, will his best be good enough?One autumn evening, a postgraduate student analysing data from the James Webb Telescope, discovers the first inhabitable planet outside our solar system. Finally, the minds of nations are focused on a prize big enough to initiate a global project to colonise this new world. John ...
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