Wendy Nelson-Sinclair
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 521

The Island of Mists is calling her home...From internationally selling author, Wendy Nelson-Sinclair, comes a historical account filled with adventure, betrayal, bravery, and personal growth blended with rich history and elements of fantasy.Living in a Utopian world isolated from the outside, Yvaine is a young healer and the daughter of the High Priestess. One early spring night, Yvaine is shocked to hear her name as it is picked to be the next Huntress during the Rites of Beltane. A role she doesn't want but is forced to accept. Yvaine is taken to the Sacred Island, an ancient place where she is trained and nurtured for the sacred duty handed to her. During her training, Yvaine discovers buried secrets from her past and reunites with someone long-thought to be lost from her. Someone that helps her understand why she was chosen and aids her as she comes to grips with her strained and ...
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