C.F. Scott
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 214

When Hardin Williams enlists in the United States Army’s 2nd Dragoons he has no idea that he will be thrust into America’s first invasion of a sovereign, foreign country. Following his commander, Colonel William S. Harney, across the Rio Grande into Mexico, Williams sets out on an unforgettable epic adventure leading to the decisive battle of the war.Cerro Gordo creates an encounter with those who actually fought the war and those who were caught up in it. For Williams it is a time of heroes and scoundrels, courage and cowardice, humanity and inhumanity, love found and love lost. Along the way, Williams encounters a cast of colorful and intriguing characters, both real and fictional. “Whispering” Charlie Spearman, Williams’ First Sergeant is a crusty old veteran prone to profanity, orneriness, and a certain lady in Miss Maggie’s Sporting House for Gentlemen in New Orleans. Ailish ...
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