Kelly Curtiss
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 21

Elly Elephant’s New Brother is a rhyming bedtime story for young children.The book’s beautiful colorful illustrations are sure to be enjoyed by young readers of all ages. Elly Elephant has been looking forward to her new brother’s arrival. However,when the baby arrives, Elly is jealous that her parents no longer have any time for her. She decides to run away,until her friends explain that siblings can be great friends and playmates and that she shouldn’t be jealous of the new baby. Young readers will identify with Elly as she experiences the arrival of a new sibling and a significant change in her family dynamic.Parents and teachers can also use the story featured in Elly Elephant’s New Brotherto teach children about what it’s like to have a new brother or sister and adjust to their new circumstances at home. Elly Elephant’s New Brother is designed for bedtime reading ...
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