Hilary Walker
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 176

When Emma is unjustly fired from her equestrian job, she swears off horses. Fulton has sworn off women who love horses, after his girlfriend left him with a long scar and a mean mare called Prophecy.Seeking solitude, Emma moves to a property on remote Sinclair Island. It’s next door to Fulton, but she leaves her antisocial neighbor alone and this suits him perfectly. Until disaster strikes and he’s forced to solicit her aid with his horses. But his open hatred for Prophecy bothers Emma and she asks to retrain the dangerous animal before he sends her to auction. It’s the mare’s only chance of going to a good home.Reluctantly Fulton gives in, as long as he’s present to ensure Emma’s safety.During those daily training sessions, he falls in love with his attractive neighbor – but the pretty black horse has already stolen her heart.When Emma asks to buy Prophecy, Fulton ...
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