Mandy Rosko
Publisher: MTW Press
Pages: 77

Rita is the most amazing shifter in existence. She can turn into one of the most beautiful and clever animals in the world and she loves it. Rita is a racoon shifter, and despite being so awesome, she’s not having an easy time finding her mate. When she tries to entice matchmaker extraordinaire, Gerri Wilder, with an offer for exchange of services, she’s dismayed that Gerri tells her no. Something about having to wait till the time is right – bah! So when she receives a mysterious message from Gerri, Rita thinks Gerri has finally taken her up on her generous offer. The thing is, Rita is expected to pull off a heist and steal an item of value for Gerri. What she finds instead, is that Gerri sent her to meet a half-man, half-cyborg! One who is really sexy and just Rita’s type…
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