Henry J. Lucas
Publisher: Henry J. Lucas
Pages: 89

You have a maximizing spirit inside of you right now just waiting to come alive!Most people are living at 50% of their potential and are not maximizing their time here on earth.This book can completely change that and help you live closer to 100% of your potential.  In Maximize, author Henry Lucas, LCSW, has created 7 Mind-Shifts that are designed to help you maximize key areas of your life – relationships, emotional health, physical health, mental health, finances, spiritual/religion, career and/or business.Whichever area of your life is challenging you right now there is a mind shift that will help you improve the situation and maximize your potential.Here is some of what you will discover in this book:How to flip the script by turning your unconscious losing scripts that are running your life into winning scripts.Why an attitude of entitlement and arrogance leads to an altered ...
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