Emily Oscar
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 253

Play with dragon shifters, they'll make you burn...The task seems simple enough. Fulfill her grandmother’s final wish: scatter her ashes into the Howling Rock at Black Moon Peak.Only Everly Martis never heard of the small California town — and not once did her Amma ever mention a Howling Rock. Distracted by the oddness of the situation, professional backpacker Everly slips and plummets off the steep trail. A fall there’s no way to survive.Until she’s snatched out of the air by… a dragon?!Ralston MacBrayne prefers the solitude of the wilderness, though he’s agreed to keep a distant eye on adventure-seeking tourists. Revealing his dragon form to outsiders isn’t permitted, but he can’t let the hiker fall. Once back on firm ground, he expects her to freak out, like everyone else — witches, wolf shifters, humans — who’s ever seen a full-form dragon. Only instead of ...
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