L. R. Trovillion
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 45

"...invokes a bit of magical wonder and makes me want to believe in miracles."                                                --Kim Hamilton, author of Accidental LawyerHope fuels dreams and keeps them aloft. When hope is gone, dreams can die. Unless a bit of magic intervenes...Cory Iverson has worked hard all year and this morning she's finally going to get her promised dream horse. Or so she thinks. In less than twenty-four hours everything in her life comes crashing down, crushing hopes, destroying dreams, and leaving her resentful of promises. That is, until a mysterious messenger appears. A ghost horse not only saves Cory's life, but gives her much more...the gift of hope that her true Dream Horse is still out there waiting just for her. "After finishing this I defy anyone not to rush out and get False Gods to learn the rest of Cory's remarkable ...
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