L. R. Trovillion
Publisher: Hippolyta Books
Pages: 44

"...invokes a bit of magical wonder and makes me want to believe in miracles."   --Kim Hamilton, author of Accidental LawyerWhen hope is gone, dreams can die. Unless a bit of magic intervenes...Cory Iverson has worked hard all year and this morning she's finally going to get her promised dream horse. Or so she thinks. In less than twenty-four hours everything in her life comes crashing down, crushing hopes, destroying dreams, and leaving her resentful of promises. That is, until a mysterious messenger appears. A ghost horse not only saves Cory's life, but gives her much more...the gift of hope that her true Dream Horse is still out there waiting just for her. ★ "After finishing this I defy anyone not to rush out and get False Gods to learn the rest of Cory's remarkable story." ★ "You don't have to be a horse person to enjoy and appreciate her rich language, thoughtful plot, and artistry ...
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4.5 stars from 21 ratings
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