Agnes Canestri
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 276

She needs a fresh start without men. Her boss thinks women complicate life. Will yielding to temptation open old wounds or be their path to love?Eleni is in desperate need of a new beginning—preferably one that’s far, far away from her cheating ex. So when she’s offered a dance instructor gig at a remote tropical resort, she jumps at the opportunity. Now all she has to do is ignore her attraction to the resort’s handsome dive instructor, Matteo. After all she’s been through, the last thing she needs is another potential heartache. Matteo isn’t looking for love, either. He’s more comfortable in the water than out of it, and finds the depths of the ocean a lot easier to navigate than matters of the heart. Besides, he needs to stay focused if he wants to eventually open his own freediving school. All he’ll have to do now is ignore how Eleni makes his heart flutter with ...
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