Matt Clayton
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If you're looking for a captivating collection of Mesopotamian myths, then keep reading...The civilizations that grew up in the Tigris and Euphrates River Valleys many thousands of years ago have left important legacies: agriculture, mathematics, astronomy, the wheel, and writing. This present volume of Mesopotamian myths is divided into three sections. The first of these contains creation myths, the most extended of which is the Enuma Elish, or Babylonian creation story. In this myth, the god Marduk does battle with the dragon Tiamat, and from her body and that of her second-in-command, he creates the world. The story of Atrahasis involves not original creation but re-creation, since this is the myth of the Great Flood that the gods send to wash everything away. The good man Atrahasis is spared only by the intervention of the god Enki, who forewarns Atrahasis and tells him to build the ...
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