Cameron May
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 182

Lark Forsythe, secretary to her suffering uncle Lord Henry Buckley, is asked to find a house in Bath so he might take the healing waters for his gout. Neither knows it will upend their entire settled existence. The first night in the new abode, Lord Henry to come later, Lark is taken by the owner, Colonel Devlin Braddock, as the greeting gift from a friend. Sleeping, she is kissed awake for a romp and has to fight to defend her honor. Shaken by the encounter with the man returned from the war not yet healed from his service, Lark carries on as usual in the weeks to come. Amused, the man backs off after seeing lovely cousin Marianne. In the lively social whirl of Bath, people will fall in love, hearts will be broken, and a single minor tragedy will bring all events to a head. Who will win? Who will lose?
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