Frank Kennedy
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 375

The saga of two universes and forty worlds crosses the dimensions, and one question may decide the fate of all: Is he salvation or damnation?In Book 2 of The Impossible Future series, James, Sammie, and Michael have left death and devastation behind, but they have no chance to relax. When they step out onto the Earth of the Collectorate, they discover new Chancellor enemies, twisted conspiracies, technological wonders, and unexpected families. Yet through it all, one question governs all their fates: What has James become? They’re not in Alabama anymore. Time to grow up. Fast.James will learn life-altering answers as he fights to the death and comes face-to-face with a startling truth. Meanwhile, Sammie and Michael will battle their fears and darkest impulses to survive a world more complex and dangerous than they imagined.Friendships are ruptured, betrayal awaits at every turn, and ...
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