Anthony Vincent Bruno
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 436

A British soldier storming the Normandy D-Day beachhead, a man whose girlfriend had been deported to Auschwitz four years previously - "Whenever I see a German in SS black? I see a dead German in SS black."The #1 Amazon charts bestseller - The Long Road to Auschwitz explores the horrors of the Holocaust whilst looking to what would eventually end Nazi tyranny in Europe - the Allied soldiers landing on Normandy Beach. Pre-War Europe - May 1939. A couple meet and fall in love on a Parisian street. Max is a British Territorial soldier and Zia is a Jewish girl from the south of France. Zia's grandmother is a wealthy socialite, privy to a dark secret that can harm the Nazi leadership. After Zia is kidnapped by the Gestapo and Max is hospitalized, he awakes to find no trace of his beloved who he had planned to marry in England. The Red Cross suspect that she was trafficked across the border ...
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