S. F. Hick
Publisher: unknown
Pages: N/A

"Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?"When 15-year old Sierra discovers a note in her pocket asking a question of her, she turns and stares straight into the eyes of a boy watching from a window.The boy is Dillon, the leader of a small group of teenage thieves, who views Sierra's anonymity as a gift.Convinced by Dillon that her loneliness and solitude are by design, Sierra begins training to become a thief. But just as she begins to believe in her abilities, Dillon and two other members go missing on a trip to the city.Faced with having to give up her new life and the friendships she's only just formed, Sierra chooses to run away from home and leave behind her small town life to discover what happened to the three missing thieves.She enters a dangerous world where finding food and shelter are as important as avoiding the gangs who roam the grim streets at night.Can she draw on ...
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