EE Silver
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 162

The things you have to work for are the most precious.King is not your typical sweet omega merman. He’s infamous for his explosive temper and his ability to let it ruin his life – which is why he’s jobless, homeless, and staying with his cousin and her husband, the sheriff of Vale Valley. He isn’t planning on taking a job helping the new single dad in town remodel a house, and he really isn’t counting on the alpha being the one person he’s been waiting his whole life for.When baby Anya came into his life, Jonah sold everything he owned in order to move to Vale Valley and open a daycare so he could build a life for the two of them. Anya and a run-down house on the lake are all he has, and wants, in this world. That is, until he meets a prickly omega with more than his fair share of baggage and kisses that melt Jonah’s brain every damn time.But both men are hiding secrets that could ...
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