Eli Nixon
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 457

Cast back into the world of Volos, Petar finds himself utterly alone except for the ruthless killers still on his trail and the bloodthirsty beasts born of the dark realm. With danger lurking around every corner, he reunites with Jem and sets out on an epic quest to find and destroy the one thing that matters most to him: His father, Nikola Tesla.But all is not right in the universe...Jem has changed. For a fleeting moment, he was more than himself, something larger and infinitely more powerful than his physical body. He sees through Petar into the darkness between worlds, hears the voice of Volos whispering. Yearns another taste of that divine power...Special Agent Bill Brodham hasn't slept in months. He's tried his best, but he just can't convince the world to prepare for Tesla's coming. He can only remember the love he had and do his best to ignore the creatures at the edges of his ...
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