Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 90

A billionaire with a God complex and a fetish for young, beautiful women, holds them captive while sexually and mentally abusing them in twisted games as they are isolated from their families and futures for an undetermined amount of time.Selina was an aging dancer who still looked young, yet ready to get out of the cycle of stripping at night and trying to make it happen during the day. She is getting a new lease on life after graduating nursing school with the promise of a new job, a respectable fiance, and a son who excels in school. That is until she meets William Stanfield.William offers her a life changing amount of money to dance naked at an annual event for his billionaire friends. Selina believes it’s a lie until she receives half the money up front in a time when she desperately needs it. She is offered the rest upon delivery of services. William is able to convince her that ...
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