Debbie Brain
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 146

If your relationship leaves you feeling valueless and nothing you do is good enough, then keep reading  Do you feel like your partner, who once adored you more than you thought someone could love another person, suddenly transformed into a monster right before your eyes? Did you find yourself so shocked, so blindsided, that you felt like you did not know what hit you?If this sounds familiar, your partner may be a narcissistic abuser. Narcissistic abuse is dangerous, insidious, and incredibly harmful if left unchecked, and you need help. This book is here for you: "Narcissistic Abuse Recovery" can offer you plenty of the information you need to get moving toward healing in your life. This book can teach you how to recognize when a narcissist may be abusing you and how to escape and heal from that abuse.The narcissist suffers from a mental health disorder known as a narcissistic ...
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