Sharon Hughson
Publisher: Inkspired
Pages: 218

From Handmaid to Madonna: A journey fraught with agonyMary of Nazareth is a simple girl, herding goats on her father’s farm and making cheese to sell at the local market. Then Jehovah’s messenger visits claiming: “Blessed art thou among women.”Blessed? Mary faces speculation about her untimely pregnancy, which turned to shunning and isolation. Caesar’s decree forced a grueling trip to Bethlehem during the final weeks of her “blessed” pregnancy. And then, under cover of darkness, she fled Herod’s murderous wrath. But the birth of Jesus of Nazareth is only the beginning. Yahweh blesses Mary and Joseph with a quiver full of children. But love brings sorrow. When Jesus leaves to follow Yahweh’s mission for his life, Mary is torn between two sons.As old Simeon told her in the temple, a sword pierced her soul – again and again. And the killing blow was yet to come…What readers of the earlier ...
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