Christopher Hamwell
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 313

An alien bloodline that has lain dormant for ages is about to reveal itself. The pope, Crindle Novarkis, is not amused. Hopelessly addicted to the narcotic leaf valerian, one man keeps the circling bishops at bay: his brilliant physiker, Vincent Quellock. Expelled by his college for ungodly practice, Vincent finds Crindle to be his perfect foil. After all, who better than the lord patriarch himself to provide him with the two things he desires most - corpses and privacy? As toads rain from the sky and flesh-eating locust strip the countryside of crop and flock, rumours of a dreaded plague, not seen in centuries, are spreading. To confirm the common folk's notion of impending catastrophe, a comet appears in the eastern sky - the Serpent's Tongue. Valashians remain locked indoors, believing the anomaly poisons the air and the water supply.Crindle alone knows the significance of the ...
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