Gundi Gabrielle
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 313

Do you NEED A JOB right now? Ideally, with flexible hours, working from home?Or are you dying to get out of the corporate grind, yearning to build a business around something deeply fulfilling - and from the comfort of your home?Maybe you are a new Mom and would love to remain a stay-at-home Mom, but money is getting tight and bills are piling up? Whatever your situation may be:This book will introduce you to an abundance of legitimate home-based job and business options to either get cash quickly when you need it...Or build long term income streams that you enjoy and that allow you to finally #ClaimYourFREEDOM® and leave that dreary 9-5 job once and for all.PART 1 starts with the Best Places to Find Jobs to Work from Home grouped by skill and experience level:Basic SkillsIntermediate SkillsPRO SkillsCollege Degree RequiredThis is followed by a number of flexible job options ...
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